• CITYGUIDE : Artifacts of the Future


    Pierre Arpin is a Montreal artist, engraver and sculptor we met by pure chance (the way all good things happen), and immediately fell in love, not only with his art, but with his purpose: his love is for metals and the creation of its immortality. Arpin is well aware of the Earth’s concern going into this third millennium; the complete destruction of used metal parts…so he found a way to make these into art and have the metals instead survive the passage of time. By transforming used metal automobiles parts, he has successfully managed to make us want to hang a Bmw car hood in our home and absolutely love it! “Although my creations originate in the present moment, I fully image them as artifacts existing for centuries to come.” says Arpin. (view article)

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    From now until November 30th, we invite you to discover these “Artifacts of the Future” are on exposition at Mariette Clermont, 2300 Le Corbusier – Montreal.


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