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    Many challenges need to be addressed as we begin this third millennium. Of major concern presently is the recycling of metal parts. The growing chasm between the demand and supply of metal products should   pressure us to constantly recycle these used metal parts. This process, however, destroys traces of our present and leaves no witnesses for our future.

    We have seen how, with the introduction of computers, the typewriter quickly became obsolete. Soon the only memories we will have of these machines will be old photos or vintage sequences in 20th century movies.

    I have chosen to work on certain pieces of metal because of their appeal to me through their design and size. By a mysterious process belonging to the ART, I confer a certain immortality onto this precious metal. These works of art will necessarily survive the passage of time by remaining testaments to a far distant past and to a technology no longer practiced.

    I am extremely concerned by such climatic changes as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, landslides, etc. which fill me with constant sensibility. Our world is spinning so fast. I am expressing this turbulence that I feel all around us in the erratic and dizzying movements that I have carved onto this piece of metal, which at one glorious time, was a proud ornament on a brand new Jaguar.